At La Perla Beauty, we believe in luxury with integrity, without compromise. 

Join us on our ever-evolving journey to clean beauty – or simply celebrate World Vegan Month with a swipe of our irresistible Matte Silk Lipstick.

We've made all our vegan products easy to identify – just look for our vegan logo on each webpage or on the packaging. Our ultra-glide, pigment-rich lipsticks give strong color release with controlled slip. They are not only vegan, but also free from talc, parabens and D5. We love our nourishing and ethical ingredients as much as we adore the rich colour pay-off and soft sensation on the lips. Created to be as sustainable as they are beautiful, each one is refillable and designed to be loved, treasured and ultimately replenished. This means reducing unnecessary waste without sacrificing quality and craftsmanship.

So, what's in a vegan lipstick? To celebrate World Vegan Month this November, we're letting you in on our preferred secret ingredients.


Tocopherol is a naturally occurring antioxidant, closely related to vitamin E. This easy-absorbing ingredient offers skin support while boosting moisture. It even has the dual benefit of enhancing the skin's delicate protective barrier. We use this vegan wonder to lengthen our lipstick's shelf life without using harmful preservatives.

Hydrogenated polyisobutene

Our lipstick's long-lasting moisture power is further enhanced by hydrogenated polyisobutene. This clean, vegan ingredient works beautifully as a soft lubricant on the skin's surface, providing a smooth, comfortable feeling. It's easily absorbed and has proven moisture retention abilities – a true skin-conditioning saviour.

Biomimicry pigments

To achieve our vibrant, intensely colorful hues, we make use of biomimicry pigments. So what is biomimicry? In essence, it is what it sounds like: mimicking our skin's biology in order to shield and protect. By copying the epidermic corneocyte with added functions for physiological compatibility, these pigments offer a second-skin-like performance. This means exquisite silky smoothness and a soft, creamy feel in an instant. Alongside comfortable wear, these smart ingredients also shield lips from harmful external agents. Our formula gives luminous coverage in one stroke, so it's color and nourishment, rolled into one.

We're passionate about creating clean beauty that is also luxurious. We want to care for and respect the environment as we do for ourselves. This commitment to responsibility means that all our products are certified cruelty-free, and we're PETA-approved as we don't test any of them on animals. We also have accreditations from EcoVadis for our standards of sustainability, the FSC for our sustainable paper packaging, and Positive Luxury's Butterfly Mark for achieving the high standards of ethical practices.