For many of us, a date night begins hours before we even step outside.

We all know that a large part of the fun is the ritual of getting ready, be it for an eagerly anticipated first meeting with someone new or a celebratory milestone with a long-term love.

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, we thought the upcoming holiday posed the perfect opportunity to speak to our team about how they feel their most beautiful, confident selves on dates. Perhaps their routines will align with yours, or maybe you'll pick up a few tips for your next evening out with someone special.

Let us set the scene: your candles are lit, and your playlist is on – and it's heavily dominated by Whitney Houston and Berlin, if you ask our Paris Office Manager, Serena M'Bengue. Serena's favorite songs for getting ready are 'I Will Always Love You' and 'Take My Breath Away'. Then, she says, it's time to pamper. After all, date night makeup looks best applied to a smooth, hydrated base. Chantelle Edmunds, our Senior CRM Manager in London, swears by a head-to-toe moisturizing session: "My non-negotiable step is covering my skin in our Nourishing Body Balm. It gives me a dewy glow and a subtle fragrance that'll last all night." Annie Bowmaker, Global Content Manager in North America, agrees: "Having soft, moisturized skin makes me feel special, and is my essential first step in getting ready. I love our Firming Body Lotion Serum after a shower for a your-scent-but-better signature."

When it comes to makeup, there's one beauty trick that reigns supreme across our team: the classic red lip. Just ask our E-Commerce Manager in North America, Carolynn Scull: "Without a doubt, a bold lip makes me feel the most confident. Red in the winter and pink in the summer are my go-to pops of color, leaving me feeling like the most glamorous woman in the room." Annie feels the same way: "A swipe of red lipstick is a classic finishing touch to any date night outfit, whether I'm casual in my jeans or really dressed up. It makes me feel that extra little bit 'put together' and confident."

The final and arguably most important part of the process is finding the perfect date night perfume – one that'll speak to you on an olfactory level and serve as an extension of the self. Our London VP of E-Commerce, Pamela Reynolds, favours the floral profile of our La Perla Signature eau de parfum. Sabrina Chan, our Social Media Manager based in Paris, prefers to combine her fragrance of choice with her haircare routine: "My mother always says that your hair changes everything, so I like to do mine in soft waves. I also never leave home without a spritz of Possibilities eau de parfum (my go-to of all the date night scents I've tried). A dab behind the ears and neck offers a lovely surprise when the evening breeze blows through my hair – and the best part is that I get to smell it myself when this happens."

How will you prepare to go out or stay in this Valentine's Day?