Spring Scents

The first suggestion of spring has the power to transport us back in time, from the freshness in the air to the bright blue skies.

But it's the spring scents that really take us to springtimes past. Rich earth, just-cut grass, flowers in bloom and the electric scent of city concrete after rain. Our sense of smell is strongly connected to the amygdala, the area of the brain associated with emotional processes. So, the aroma of a newly mowed lawn not only reminds us of the season of renewal, but it can also evoke joyful recollections from years gone by, such as playing in the garden as a child or enjoying a picnic in the park with a loved one.

This sensation of nostalgia is something we wanted to bring to our fragrances – to connect past moments with memories still to be made with your perfect spring perfume. Here, we explore four of our exquisite fragrances and the olfactive notes that will bring that spring feeling to the here and now.

Invisible Touch – Sorbettolide

Unique musk Sorbettolide blends the softness of traditional white musk with delicate notes of raspberry, bringing a feminine touch to our spring flower fragrance, Invisible Touch. Full of freshness, it evokes the feeling of the first day of spring, when the cold of winter has subsided, making way for pink blossoms and crisp air. This gentle but long-lasting fragrance has a wonderful depth and complexity that lingers throughout the day.

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My Day – Orris Root

Elegant, woody orris root is at the heart of this refined fragrance. We've sourced this valued ingredient exclusively for My Day from Italy. Orris is the root of the beautiful iris flower and provides an enveloping scent of spicy, earthy and powdery floral notes. This mix of sensations gives that zingy feeling of excitement as you realise that spring is on its way, and with it, the promise of new beginnings.

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Villa Sorrento – Neroli Buds

Our neroli perfume, Villa Sorrento, will instantly transport you to an Italian orange grove, surrounded by zesty scents and the feeling of the sun beating down on your face. Neroli oil is extracted from the delicate flowers of the bitter orange tree and makes up the heart note of our warm yet airy scent. Villa Sorrento is full of vitality and rejuvenation – the promise that summer is almost here.

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La Perla Signature – Violet Leaves

The top note of our signature fragrance is a violet leaves accord, a fresh scent made of delicately floral green notes. This violet note brings crispness and traverses the whole fragrance to make it fresh and radiant. The freshly sprayed scent will bring a cooling elegance, to help you step confidently into spring and all its promise.

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As we prepare to emerge from the cosiness of winter, which fresh spring scents are you most looking forward to experiencing again?

We would love to know.

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