If you're wondering what shade of red lipstick to add to your beauty repertoire, Nikki Taylor is your new best friend. A style aficionada who's bursting with passion and experience to share, she's the only person we wanted to talk to when it came to learning how to pick the right shade of red lipstick.

We caught up with Nikki to hear her thoughts on our new shades in our Matte Silk range, and gather all her wisdom on choosing the perfect shade – from the lipstick-buying habits to avoid to figuring out your skin’s undertone. Read on to be one step closer to your perfect red lip.

Hello Nikki – tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do at La Perla Beauty?

I'm a self-confessed beauty geek! I started my career on the shop floor, and am now the global in-house trainer at La Perla Beauty, sharing my expertise across fragrance, makeup and skincare.

What do you think is the biggest mistake people make when choosing a lipstick colour?

Buying a lipstick only to discover that it’s virtually the same as all the others in your makeup bag when you get home! It helps to take your favourite shades with you when shopping to look at different textures and tones, and ensure you’re not doubling up. This way you can build a lip wardrobe that has a shade for your every occasion and mood. There truly is something for everyone across all skin tones within our red lipstick shades, and the intensely pigmented formula means you can make a statement in just one sweep.

What are your key rules when choosing the perfect lipstick colour for your skin tone?

With confidence, you can wear any shade of lipstick that makes you feel good, but knowing your skin's undertone is a useful starting point. If you burn in the sun, you most likely have cool-toned skin; and if you tan, you are probably warm-toned. Look at the veins on your wrists – do they look blue/purple or green? Cooler skin tones will show blue or purple, while warmer skin tones will show green, and a combination of both identifies a more neutral undertone. The word "nude" will mean something different to everyone but, as a rule, your perfect nude should be similar to your own lip colour – rich nude tones will look great on deeper complexions, while those with fairer skin should select a nude lip based on their natural lip colour and avoid lighter tones, which can give a washed-out look.

Tell us what you love about the La Perla Lips collection.

For me, what I love about the La Perla Lips collection is, in fact, the whole range. As a self-confessed red lip addict, with this range, I no longer have to make the choice between luxury and sustainability. It's so reassuring that La Perla Beauty follows both sustainable and ethical codes of practice, supported by certifications from organisations such as PETA and Positive Luxury. Then, of course, the fact that these lipsticks are refillable is such a benefit to the environment, and to the purse. I love my makeup to look and feel glamorous, so the luxury packaging with its reassuring magnetic click fits this perfectly.


Finally, lipstick has such a rich and vibrant past. Can you give us your take on the history of lipstick?

The word "iconic" is used a lot, but there's simply no better way to describe the quintessence of feminine makeup: red lipstick. Given it's a colour synonymous with passion and energy, it's no wonder we can rely on it for an instant boost. But beyond its ability to make us feel self-assured and sensual is a history that is laced with power and strength. Red lipstick's impact on women, and the world, goes beyond beauty.

Ever since the suffragettes wore it in their fight for the vote in the early 20th century, red lips have been a symbol of women's independence and rebellion – of women supporting women. Nude lips came to the fore in the 1960s. A matte texture pale pink, peach or nude lipstick was the trend for the younger fashion-conscious woman. It was a complete departure from the classic red shades of past decades. The youthful and rebellious mood of makeup trends during this time was both innovative and captivating. The 90s saw a strong re-emergence of the nude lip after the bright colours of the 70s and power-dressing of the 80s. Nudes in this period ranged from pale peaches to deep mauves, which were often heavily lined with a shade darker than the lipstick – a trend we are seeing in today's 90s revival!

At La Perla Beauty, we are reimagining the red lip by introducing a collection with tones of red to bring a healthy flush to the lips. Each lipstick is refillable and comes in luxurious packaging with La Perla's distinctive grosgrain ribbon design.

Our products are designed to be treasured, so our quick and easy refills mean your first lipstick becomes the only one you need. Simply push into your original treasured tube until you hear a click. The light rose gold tube is engraved with a lace pattern in a nod to La Perla's lingerie history. After use, the magnetic cap stays firmly in place, protecting your lipstick until you're ready to apply again.