A brilliant new interpretation of our La Perla Signature fragrance, as joyful and confident as the woman who wears it.  

This radiant woody and floral bouquet is vibrant, luminous and multi-layered, just like you are. Inspired by the peek-a-boo style of the La Perla lace bralettes, this spirited sister to our enticing Signature Eau de Parfum celebrates all the wondrous parts of you. 

Our beloved original perfume has been infused with warm, musky top notes of ambrette seed absolute Orpur®, derived from hibiscus, an elegant aroma with a sublimely soft sweetness. At its heart, jasmine sambac Orpur® radiates in new textures with the uplifting addition of creamy sandalwood – all wrapped together in warm and sensual notes of cedarwood.  

Top Note - Ambrette Seed

The floral, musky aroma of Ambrette Seed has a bold, glowing presence. Its elegant, nutty sweetness, projects confidence that's underpinned by softness. Derived from a Hibiscus-like plant, our Ambrette Seed is an Orpur® ingredient, meaning it is part of a precious collection of quality natural materials from our partner Givaudan. The scent is extracted from the dried and crushed ambrette seeds and is reminiscent of tropical bliss, uniting a sublime warmth with undertones of fruity wines.  


Heart Note - Jasmine

The complex floral and spicy notes of Jasmine Sambac is a true celebration of feminine strength. Our Jasmine Sambac Absolute is part of the small collection of the highest quality of natural materials known as Orpur® from our partner Givaudan. This extraction comes from the white, star-shaped blooms in the Tamil Nadu region of southern India, where it's grown in the sun-drenched land's fertile soils and harvested before the monsoon season. The precious flower offers a rich, sweet sensuality that evokes warmth and reverence of beauty, befitting our Signature's celebration of layered femininity.


Base Note - Cedarwood

This fragrant sweet, soothing essence brings a texture and warming glow to the composition. The clean, sweet facets of the noble cedar’s essential oil bring brightness while its creamy woodiness adds sensuality and comfort. Grown in the US state of Virginia, these magnificent hardwood trees are harvested with no damage to the environment, and the oil is extracted using steam distillation of only the sawdust, after the wood has been carefully used for other purposes. Part of a unique collection of quality natural ingredients known as Orpur® from our partner Givaudan.    


La Perla Luminous Eau de Parfum

La Perla Eau de Parfum for women is a fascinating exploration of what lies beneath, artfully representing the layers of your beauty.