With each new season, we love experimenting with inspiring beauty trends, but sometimes returning to timeless looks can be equally thrilling.

With this in mind, we invite you to take a glimpse back at some of the classic lipstick looks from past seasons. If you've yet to attempt these alluring lip trends, now's the time to play around with different ones and discover a new favourite.

Glossy Full Coverage

This full-gloss look will transport you back to the rhinestone-studded early 2000s. It's slick, colourful and a little reminiscent of the first tube of lip gloss you ever coveted. If you haven’t picked up this ultra-trend yet, summer is the perfect season to explore it. Seek out colourful, pigmented shades with a super-shiny finish – feel free to add glitter for a little extra shimmer.

Ways To Wear It

You can opt for a wet-look or liquid lipstick, or a very pigmented shiny gloss. Alternatively, layer up your favourite long-lasting lip colour underneath, topped off with a high-shine gloss. It makes an elegant contrast with an athleisure look, combining leisure-luxe with dressed-up lips.

Sharp Edges

Some lipstick looks put you in a fabulously feminine mood, ready to conquer anything – this is one of them. It’s a bold, graphic lip, for which our Matte Silk Lipsticks have the ideal finish, and the best part is you can choose any colour. Poppy Red is a classic choice, while Cherry Red will give the illusion of whiter teeth and Plum Red has an unmistakable allure.

Ways To Wear It

The key to making a colour really pop? It’s all in the edging technique. You don’t need a matching liner to achieve this look, simply use a slim lip brush to grab a small amount of your favourite lip shade, apply the first layer to the vermilion border of your lips then colour it in.

Barely There

Sometimes less really is more, our favourite lips trend this season is the ‘barely there’ look. Letting your natural lip hue do the talking with the sheerest wash of colour, this easy to achieve look goes hand in hand with this season’s trend for sheer fabrics and noughties silhouettes.

Ways To Wear It

A pared back pout is perfect for everyday but the key to a groomed finish is in the preparation. We always ensure our lips are smooth and well-hydrated in advance; an exfoliating lip scrub is the first step to create an ideal surface for application. A natural look doesn’t necessarily mean going bare, you can choose a lipstick shade which is close to your own lip colour and use your fingertips to gently apply a very small amount, for definition with a natural finish. We also love our Satin Lip Balm for this look, the formula has a subtle sheen which isn’t super-glossy for pared back yet polished lips.

Top Tip: A barely there lip pairs beautifully with a matching blush. Luckily, our versatile formulas are wonderful multi-taskers. Dab a small amount of your lip shade onto your fingers and then apply it to the apple of your cheeks and blend out for a fresh look.

What will be your new go-to lip? Do you love a nonchalant bitten lip or prefer to go all out with a bold lined look? Or are you longing to emulate your favourite noughties icons every once in a while? Whichever lipstick look you choose to master, find your favourite shade or experiment with a fresh new hue from our lips collection.

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