We adore showering our family, friends and partners with affection and gift-giving.

The festive season is a wonderful time to show our loved ones we care, and an opportunity to bring joy by giving thoughtful gifts.

We know the feeling of carefully planning out your presents only to find that you need to wrap them all at the very last minute. At La Perla Beauty, we believe that packaging is as much a part of the experience as the gift itself. That's why we'd like to share a few of our festive present wrapping ideas with you – including some that are perfect for those eleventh-hour preparations!

It starts with the wrapping...

A beautifully wrapped gift makes the person receiving it feel extra special. It’s also the perfect way to make the gift reflect the personality or interests of the receiver. We love looking for wrapping paper alternatives that look unique and stunning, and also kind to the environment.

Think of using existing printed papers – old sheet music, glossy magazine covers, textured wallpapers. You could also invest in a beautiful scarf that will become an extra cherished gift, or re-purpose some fabric you already have that can also be re-used by the receiver. A reusable gift box will not only add an extra note of sensory luxury, but it will also mean there are fewer items to be thrown away once the gift is opened. Our tip is to keep hold of spare materials like this whenever you come across them – you never know how handy they might be!

Adding your own personal touch

The choice of a gorgeous ribbon or other material to make the unwrapping even more delightful can give a gift an extra luxurious feeling. We're always searching for new ways to wrap presents sustainably, and the easiest way is to re-purpose ribbons that have decorated previous packages. You could also try experimenting with fabric ribbons using different materials and textures, such as coupling shiny or silky materials, like raffia with silk.

Perfect your bow-tying skills

Even as a small gesture, a beautiful bow will make opening the gift an even more unforgettable experience. Ever wondered how to master professional-style bows? Follow this step-by-step tutorial for creating the perfect La Perla bow on one of our gift boxes:

  • Wrap the ribbon around the box horizontally.
  • Cross the ribbon where it meets in the top left-hand corner and wrap vertically, taking care not to cover the La Perla logo.
  • Cross the ribbon again and pass it underneath the first crossing.
  • Cut the ribbon and pull it tightly to stretch it.
  • Make a firm double knot over the crossing.
  • Tie a bow and cut the exceeding ribbon – we recommend cutting it diagonally for a stylish, elongated edge.

Add the finishing touches

The intricate details are often what makes something truly personal. Let your loved one know how much they mean to you with a personalized label tag – sealed with a loving kiss in your signature red lipstick shade. Alternatively, adding a sprig of holly, a tiny pine cone or a single flower can be a delicate, decorative touch and a sweet little keepsake.

Spritz with your favorite scent

Last but not least, your gift can smell incredible, too, so don't forget to capture the moment forever with perfume. Spraying with scent works especially well if you've taken our suggestion of wrapping in a beautiful scarf. But if you're wrapping with paper, you just need to be careful to prevent discoloration. Try spritzing some perfume in the air, and passing the wrapped gift through the cloud of fragrance. Or, you can simply spritz the ribbon with your favorite scent – that way, your recipient will be reminded of you as they unwrap their gift.

Unique and Exquisite Gifting Ideas

Each carefully packaged in beautifully designed and fully recyclable, sustainable boxes, to take the hassle out of gift wrapping this festive season.

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