A passion for excellence and artisanal craftsmanship is deeply woven into our La Perla heritage. 

We believe that anything that touches the skin – whether it's lingerie or perfume – should feel deeply luxurious and be made from the highest-quality elements.

A passion for excellence and artisanal craftsmanship is deeply woven into our La Perla heritage. We believe that anything that touches the skin – whether it's lingerie or perfume – should feel deeply luxurious and be made from the highest-quality elements.

From the very conception of developing our fragrances we wanted to source very special and luxurious ingredients for our perfumers' creations. As well as having access to a spectacular variety of innovative safe-synthetics, we wanted our perfumers to be able to release their creativity with the world's most exquisite natural ingredients – essential oils and absolutes that are the truest representations of the most evocative fragrances nature has to offer.

But with natural resources, there always comes a concern for sustainability. While we love to enjoy the world's precious flowers and botanicals, that experience shouldn't come at the expense of future generations being able to enjoy them. So it is vitally important to all of us that the natural ingredients we use not only smell sensational but have also been ethically sourced.

Natural ingredients, responsibly sourced

The fragrance houses we have chosen to work with are as committed to sustainability as we are. Like us, sustainability is at the heart of their luxurious and innovative vision. They are inspired by the glorious beauty of nature – and the desire to preserve it.

All of the fragrance houses we work with are committed to sustainable sourcing. The Orpur® collection by one of our fragrance partner Givaudan is made up of sustainably sourced natural extracts which include some of the world's most exceptional raw ingredients, from the freshest, zestiest bergamot to the most highly prized jasmine. We know that every ingredient we use from their Orpur® collection is examined by expert panels to ensure the greatest quality – all while reducing environmental impact and supporting local producers.

Our Orpur® favourites

From Egyptian geranium to Haitian vetiver, each of these delicate natural scents is captured and preserved at source – inviting you to drift into the story of its exotic locale each time you apply the La Perla Beauty perfume that holds it.


Rose Absolute Communelle Orpur® is a beautifully rich and warm expression of the flower. It captures the base notes of the rose, with more honeyed facets than the essential oil. Due to its very low yield, rose is one of the most expensive and exclusive ingredients in a perfumer's repertoire. This absolute is part of Givaudan's Sourced for Shared Value approach, developed by a network of producers who create the finest quality ingredients.


Orpur® Vetiver essential oil is sourced from Haiti, known for producing one of the most refined and balanced examples in the world. This sweet and enduring woody note is obtained from the roots of the grassy plant, and Givaudan's special molecular distillation techniques reveal a creamy, rich profile. It is part of Givaudan's Sourced for Shared Value approach – they purchases only traceable Fair Trade and organic-certified essential oils from a cooperative of more than 260 vetiver root farmers.

Green Mandarin

The fruits used to create Orpur® Green Mandarin oil are harvested in the Italian regions of Calabria and Sicily, through autumn and winter. By the typical cold-compression technique of Pelatrice, the zest of the mandarin is expressed to create a beautifully clean, colorless oil. This fresh, extraordinarily zesty example of mandarin oil is sourced for shared value, and as it is inflected with notes of neroli, it's particularly intriguing to the senses. For a perfume that brings the mandarin of the Italian citrus groves to life, we adore Villa Sorrento.

The sustainable future of perfume

We want to ensure a sustainable, ethical future for perfumery, which is why we're so careful about selecting the natural ingredients with which we choose to work. We love that by producing beautiful fragrances that capture nature in all its glory, we can also help farmers around the world to protect natural resources.

Our perfumers have access to an abundance of sustainably sourced natural ingredients and the number keeps growing. Along with our other safe-synthetic accords, the sheer diversity of this scent palette enables them to explore unique fragrance combinations. It gives them incredible artistic freedom for their creativity to shine, all while keeping true to our commitment to sustainability.

This ever-evolving collection of ingredients means we can continue to produce new and innovative perfumes to inspire and delight lovers of true luxury, like you. We can't wait to share many more of our perfumers' creations with you as we celebrate a more sustainable future with ingredients that are truly beautiful, inside and out.

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