A celebration of accomplishment – bottled for you to relive and relish.

The sound of rapturous applause. The glimpse of a prize that's well within your reach. You've earned your moment, and now it's time to bask in the limelight. A serene confidence in knowing who you are ... that's My Day.

You pause in your confident stride, taking a breath to drink it all in. This is so much more than a sum of all that led here, the tentative steps that evolve into a knowing, measured march as you realize – you own this space. My Day is the perfect fragrance to celebrate your own worth, your achievements and your finest hours – big and small. Like a tingle of anticipation as you wait to take the spotlight or the irresistible glow of success- it's time to mark your moment.

The opening chime of zesty-fresh bergamot crystallizes your emotion. This is used in My Day to enhance and prolong the freshness of the floral bouquet at its core, replicating the glow of a lasting, meaningful achievement. The scent unfolds into a heart note of melodic orris; at once warm, earthy and with a powdery floral quality. This complex perfume hints at the lengthy process to extract orris absolute oil. Like well-deserved recognition, it's all the more precious for the labor of love involved in producing it. Tonka bean brings a mystical richness and caramel warmth to close the scent. It develops over time leaving the wearer, and her admirers, with a long-lasting impression of contentment and elegance.

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We use the latest scientific techniques and safe-synthetic ingredients to create all of our fragrances, including My Day.


Known for its relaxing, soothing and purifying benefits, this elevated oil has become a symbol for the entire Bergamo region.

One of the most elegant perfume scents is bergamot. It is named after the Italian city where the oil was first sold, but it starts its life in the country's sun-drenched south, in Calabria. Here, the oil has been cultivated and hand-harvested for centuries, growing in the rich, fertile soil and ripening in the glorious heat of summer. The oil that is expressed from the ripe fruit peel has a subtle and complex scent. It brings an elevated citrus note that is fresh and fruity, yet bitter and still subtly floral.


One of perfumery’s most expensive raw ingredients, orris takes around seven years to mature and process.

After the regal iris flower blooms, the orris root must be left in its rich soil for three years before it begins its journey to a perfume. It is unearthed delicately by hand, cleaned and then dried for a further three years. The extraction of the precious oil within takes art, patience and skill. Over one tonne of the root is required to produce just one pound of the absolute oil. It is a process that has been practiced and perfected for millennia. The scent is almost as multidimensional as we are. You could say it reflects the great journey it has taken, at once earthy and musky, yet still fresh and velvety.

Tonka Bean

In aromatherapy, tonka bean is believed to ward off negativity, enveloping us in a soothing cloak of calm, like a silk gown.

Tonka beans come from the tropical rainforests of Central and South America. This mysterious ingredient adds a sensual layer to a fragrance that's tantalizingly sweet and spicy. It is also irresistibly smooth, reminiscent of vanilla and almond. When used with citrus notes as in My Day, tonka bean accentuates the freshness and provides an elegant balance to the more bitter elements. Its aroma becomes more noticeable as time goes on, unfolding to create a gratifying aura around its wearer.

Meet the Perfumer

Dominique Preyssas is the nose behind My Day and an extraordinary composer of perfumes with a family background in both science and music. Over his 20-year career, he has created some truly iconic fragrances. We caught up with him to delve deeper into the inspiration behind My Day.

Tell us about a place that evokes My Day.

Florence. This city evokes so much elegance and creativity and is home to some wonderful artisans. The emblem of the city is the iris flower. They used to grow wild here. Each May, they open a dedicated iris garden in Piazzale Michelangelo, where they bloom for just a few weeks under ancient olive trees.

What inspired the creation of My Day?

To create My Day, I thought about the most elegant women I have met. They are usually very simply dressed, not extravagant or ostentatious. Such a woman is quietly confident and patient. She has an inner strength and does not talk loudly or often. When she does speak, we become quiet, we lean forward to listen. Likewise, her perfume would compel us to come closer. It is discrete but with a special character that brings us serenity and admiration.

What is your favorite ingredient in the scent?

Orris has a floral touch, like delicate violets, but it is quite woody. Orris is one of the most expensive perfume ingredients because it takes so long to cultivate. Then we must wait three years for the roots to dry, as this is when nature creates the special fragrance molecules. The best orris comes from Tuscany, where the irises have been growing for centuries, among the vines and olive trees. I selected the orris for My Day from one of these rare farms, which still operate in the traditional way.

Can you tell us about the other two key ingredients and what they bring to the scent?

The unique bergamot, a fragrant bitter orange, grows in Calabria in the warm south of Italy. I love to visit the bergamot fields and see how these ancient trees are grown and hand-harvested just as they have been for centuries. The resulting essential oil is extracted by family companies using sustainable methods and has a zesty quality that is neither sweet nor sour. A bergamot perfume must also have a long-lasting quality. To achieve this, I have used the tonka bean. It is both ethereal and rich, as it evolves on the skin and becomes more caramel and nutty over time.

A woman will wear this scent ...

As her everyday luxury, a simple accessory that reflects her inner strength and admiration for the finest things in life.

Do you have a quote that captures My Day?

Audrey Hepburn once said, “Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.”

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