Allow us to introduce a bodycare collection that's as focused on the planet as it is on radiant skin. La Perla's sustainable bodycare products are created with clean, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients for a luxuriously conscious addition to your beauty routine. Each is presented in an exquisite refillable bottle or jar that is simple to replenish and so elegant you'll want to treasure it forever.

Our formulas help restore skin to its natural balance and are infused with prebiotics that nourish the microbiome for a healthy, happy glow.

The Unique Formula

We carefully choose all our ingredients not only for their powerful results but their earth-friendly properties as well. We also tailor our prebiotics to each solution: Prebiulin Aga promotes the balance of 'good' bacteria in the skin's outer layer to counter environmental impurities such as pollution. It's obtained from chicory root due to its ability to alleviate sensitivity, dryness and premature ageing. Another favourite prebiotic is Berryflux Vita – a rich source of antioxidants. It's extracted from raspberry plant stems and can boost the production of ceramides and hyaluronic acid. For soothing, protective and firming properties, we chose the prebiotic Vita Arctic; restoring the skin's 'good' bacteria balance strengthens its natural defences and guards against harmful microorganisms.

To achieve deep levels of moisturisation, we use unique blends of vitamin-rich oils in our bodycare. The oils of sweet almond, avocado, sunflower, shea butter and jojoba offer an incredible array of health and beauty benefits. Some are known for their soothing, calming, repairing and restorative properties, others for their ability to rejuvenate, reduce the signs of ageing or boost collagen, ceramides and elasticity.

Soothing Bath and Shower Oil

Cleanse, enrich and nourish your skin, all with one stunningly scented bath and shower oil. A subtle blend of jojoba and sunflower oils and aloe calms the skin and gently removes impurities. Infused with the prebiotic Vita Arctic, this oil boosts your skin's helpful bacteria to restore balance and harmony.


Energising Salts and Oil Body Scrub

When an evening of 'me-time' is on the cards, this scrub is self-care in a jar. Sea salt acts as a gentle exfoliator and toner, blending with Hydra Rose and almond to provide anti-ageing effects. When combined with the prebiotic Berryflux Vita, it becomes a nourishing powerhouse for skin that feels healthy and hydrated.


Firming Body Lotion Serum

Softer, firmer, younger-looking skin helps us feel better inside and out. Our luscious Firming Body Lotion Serum is made with natural prebiotic Prebiulin Aga to help restore and enhance your skin's protective barrier. The active ingredient AcquaBio is a plant-based wonder that helps to stimulate collagen production, adding a further boost to your skin's firmness and radiance.


Nourishing Body Balm

This rich, indulgent formula has a thick, whipped texture yet feels light and silky when applied to the body. Containing Prebiulin Aga, a natural prebiotic, it helps rejuvenate the skin's protective barrier. Rosehip oil moisturises and promotes deep-skin renewal while AcquaBio enhances your skin's firmness and collagen production.


Refilling with La Perla Beauty

Refillable skincare couldn't be easier with La Perla's prebiotic bodycare collection. Each item is presented in an unmistakable La Perla container that proudly displays our lingerie-inspired lace sculpting and adornment. We have created these beautiful pieces for you to cherish and re-use for a lifetime. To make replenishing your favourite products as effortless as possible, refills slip simply inside your existing bottle; the empty inner is then easily recycled alongside the outer packaging. To show just how worthwhile this little switch can be, one refill jar uses almost 95% less plastic than a new jar.


We all want our skin to feel cared for and protected. The La Perla vegan bodycare range with prebiotic formulas can not only banish impurities and signs of ageing, it can help us fall in love with our skin all over again. Learn to cherish and adore your skin so it can continue to care for you in return.

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