What move will you make? A single swipe of lipstick, or perhaps a coat – or several – of mascara.

From celebrating special occasions to reflecting everyday moods, there's nothing like makeup for bringing creativity and expression to your self-care routine. Just as your favorite lingerie can be appreciated in different ways for different moments, so too can your beauty products. One of the things we love most about makeup is experimenting, and sharing our creations with other women.

We're also passionate about clean, sustainable beauty – we believe true beauty is both inside and out. However, we don't think you should have to sacrifice any of the luxuriousness or performance that helps you to enjoy playing with your makeup, and achieve your favorite looks. That's why we created this capsule collection of fine essentials.

Designed to be enjoyed day-in, day-out, our products are refillable where possible so less waste is produced, and made with clean, safe ingredients that you can feel confident about regularly using on your body.

Focusing on this capsule has allowed us to really fine-tune each formula and finesse every color, so they are ready to become the most hard-working, versatile pieces in your beauty repertoire. Designed to be enjoyed day-in, day-out, our products are refillable where possible so less waste is produced, and made with clean, safe ingredients that you can feel confident about regularly using on your body.

We've put a lot of time and love into our makeup collection – so we're so excited to now introduce it to you. Get to know these five versatile pieces and their unique moves, and you may not need anything else to confidently play, and express yourself – a few sweeps, and the game is yours.

A red for every woman

Our Matte Silk Lipstick shades are as adaptable as they are flattering. Our favorite day-to-night shades include Nude Red, a neutral that's truly versatile yet not short of captivating character, and Venetian Red, which works its confidence-boosting power in the boudoir as well as on Zoom calls – it's designed to look especially beautiful on camera. Meanwhile, the intense complexity of Plum Red brings seductive mystery to any time of day.

Kissed lips – and blushing cheeks

Our hydrating Petal Lips Tinted Lip Balm leaves a sheer wash of pink for effortless ‘no-makeup' looks – but it's not just for lips. With its natural, not-too-glossy sheen, you can use it to highlight your cheekbones with romantic color, too. A true all-rounder, if we could only have one piece in our purse – this would be it.

Lashes as bold as you dare

Our Volumizing Mascara is beautifully versatile as well as clean – it's all in the buildable, lash-loving formula. Each layer glides on smoothly over the next, adding extra impact with every stroke. With a single coat to define the eyes, Ink Black is our favorite for natural daytime looks. Then, when evening comes around, we add several for glamorous intensity. To indulge our adventurous side, we play with Bright Blue. The more coats the bolder – but even with one, we can rely on this beautiful shade to bring out the white of our eyes.

Truly expressive eyes

Our Liquid Eyeliner was made for experimenting. With a satisfyingly smooth, pigment-rich formula and flexible pointed brush, we've created it so that any look is easy to achieve, from dramatic shapes to precise, delicate strokes. Try the flattering intrigue of Deep Red to put an unexpected spin on the classic flick, or True Blue for a contemporary alternative to eyeshadow. Each of our carefully considered colors has an enduring, wet-look finish, to define your eyes with glossy allure.

Perfectly groomed

You may not see it, but if there's one piece we can't do without, it's our Sculpting Brow Gel – we wear this lightweight formula every day. The Transparent shade secretly grooms and styles brows while letting their natural color shine through. For a stronger brow look, the natural tones of our Light Brown and Dark Brown shades create further definition.

As well as being beautifully versatile, we want our products to make sustainable beauty feel indulgent, as well as effortless. From the lace engraving on our lipsticks to the elegant recyclable glass tubes of our eye makeup, each piece is lovingly created, evoking La Perla's craftsmanship heritage.

Have you met your match with our beloved makeup capsule collection? If so – how do you think you will play?

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