When you see the La Perla woman, there's enough to entice, but she never reveals all at once. Like a perfume has multiple facets that unfold, as you get closer, she may allow just a suggestive hint of the different facets of her femininity.

The La Perla Woman knows that her most beautiful qualities lay hidden from sight.

At first glance, like all women, she looks beautiful in her own unique ways – regardless of age, ethnicity or religion. But the La Perla Woman knows that her most beautiful qualities lay hidden from sight. There appears to be an innate duality – the woman you see, and the woman you don't see.

Is your curiosity piqued? Then it's time to explore, and get closer to the essence of her – what lies beneath.

The woman we see – and the woman we don't see

Like the silk bralette under her crispest cotton shirt, there are layers and textures to the La Perla women's personality.

You may be allowed a glimpse, if she allows you to get close. But to see what truly lies beneath, sometimes we need to approach from a different perspective. Perhaps it isn't about what you see before you, but rather what you sense.

While outsiders may admire her beauty, does their perception even matter? Maybe an appreciation of beauty does take two... or maybe true beauty is only known and owned by her, and her alone.

La Perla Signature: a women's fragrance created for you

The La Perla woman can embody all possible visions of femininity. Perhaps she is strong one day, soft another – or both at once, if she chooses. She may be playfully whimsical, even impulsive when the mood takes her, but she is forever true to herself, and who she wants to be.

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La Perla Signature is an exploration of this dynamic femininity. Inspired by the intrigue of what lies beneath, this is a beautiful perfume that captures the essence of the many layers of a woman, reflecting her enigmatic beauty, and her many uniquely captivating layers.

After inviting curiosity with its smoky black translucent perfume bottle and top notes of sparkling citrus, layers of neroli and violet leaves uncover a heart of jasmine. It ultimately reveals the splendor of vetiver, as soft and powerful as her inner confidence – the confidence that allows her to be who she wants to be.

When this multidimensional scent veils your skin, you're invited to explore your depths – and others will certainly be intrigued. It's here where we become curious and ask: what lies beneath your beauty? And then it's up to you, the La Perla woman. How much will you choose to reveal?

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