Peter Shaefer, Director & CEO

To this day, Peter still follows his mother's advice about respect. He has travelled all around the globe with his animals, and loves taking on new challenges. Just don't ask him to darn a sock...Read more

Stefanie Fitzgerald, Senior Vice President Brand, Product & Digital

We caught up with Stefanie to talk about the challenges and rewards of sustainable beauty, as well as her love of roses.Read more

Carine Faveris, Chief Financial Officer

Carine reveals how her French and German heritage have influenced her way of working, and explains that even spreadsheets can benefit from a creative approach!Read more

Lisa Jackson, Chief Commercial Officer

We sat down with Lisa to talk about her journey towards being a conscious consumer, working with women in the beauty industry and, of course – chihuahuas.Read more

Jacques Heintz, Chief Supply Chain Officer

Jacques has been surrounded by strong, inspirational women all his life. He learns a lot from his two daughters, who keep him in step with the latest trends in beauty.Read more

Juanita Cid, Chief Marketing Officer

Juanita is our Chief Marketing Officer. Many of her favourite things in life are sustainable: she finds inspiration on her daily bike rides,and loves the feel-good buzz of treasure hunting for vintage clothes.Read more

Pamela Reynolds, Vice President of Ecommerce

We caught up with Pamela to talk about how being raised on a farm prepared her for sustainable living, and how she'd love to have dinner with an unlikely pairing: Diane Keaton and Paris Hilton!Read more

Dr Leslie Smith, Chief Scientific and Regulatory Officer

Dr Leslie Smith casts his expert eye over everything we produce. He is a proud Scotsman with a love for rugby and Scotch whisky. And did we mention he's studying astrophysics for fun?Read more

La Perla Beauty

At La Perla Beauty we're proud to create clean, beautiful formulas that artfully bridge the gap between luxury and sustainability. Learn more about the story behind our brand.