Luxury with integrity

We all have our own notion of what clean, responsible beauty is. Only you, as an individual, can define what it means to you. What do you feel is right for your body?

When it comes to transparency, and our obligations to you, our partners and the world around us, we don't believe in leaving room for interpretation. You should be able to make an informed decision about what you want to use on your body.

We want you to help you feel good, look good and do good. For us, that's the true meaning of clean beauty.

That's why transparency is at the heart of our philosophy, and we're committed to doing our best to keep you in the picture. We aim to give you clear, accurate information about our formulations. For all our products, we provide you with detailed lists of the ingredients and fragrance oils included, right down to the last 0.01% of the finished formula. All our efforts are going into giving you the power to decide what is right for your body – it's your most precious gift, after all.

Clean beauty that empowers and innovates

Your comfort and satisfaction are paramount to us, which is why we aim to create clean formulas. We thoroughly research our ingredients to ensure their safety, so you can be confident that every one of our products has been designed with your wellbeing in mind.

Our skilled perfumers and product developers draw on their imaginations and the latest scientific research from around the world to create fine fragrance, bodycare and makeup formulations. We only use ingredients that have been assessed for irritant or comedogenic effects, which means our products are safe as well as a delight to use.

We also maintain and update a blacklist of ingredients. This list includes possible carcinogens and endocrine disrupters and ingredients that are a threat to the environment, such as microbeads. Due to their potential effects on you, us, and our planet, we actively avoid using these chemicals in our products and often go above and beyond legal requirements. We only create products that we're happy to use on our own skin, so you can feel secure in knowing you won't find products with harmful ingredients in our range.

It's worth mentioning that although many believe that 'natural' is better, we've found from our research that this is not always the case. Unless naturally derived ingredients are chosen and used carefully, they can cause harm to our bodies or to the planet. That's why we decided that, in some cases, we would blend our formulations with bespoke mixtures of natural and nature-identical, safe synthetic ingredients. They are all tested for sustainability as well as allergen risk. So when you indulge with La Perla Beauty, you don't have to give a second thought to anything else.

The art of ethical fragrance 

We'll admit that crafting exquisite fragrance without sacrificing ethical considerations can present unique challenges. This is where our commitment to innovation really plays its part. Using the latest scientific processes, we want to create an olfactory experience for you that is sustainable, ethical and beautiful.

Researchers have discovered ways to create nature-identical ingredients by capturing and recreating the essence of living plants. These advanced techniques help us all to reduce using essential oils that you may find allergenic, as well as our reliance on rare botanicals, so that future generations can enjoy these beautiful plants and flowers, too.

These cutting-edge synthetic ingredients also increase the scope of our scent palette. They unlock totally new scents that retain their trail for longer and have more unique signature notes, so our perfumers have infinite creative freedom. The result is bespoke blends that wouldn't be possible with natural ingredients alone, made available in a spectrum of combinations to represent all the different moments in your life.

We've also balanced transparency with a respect for keeping our perfumers' secret formulations confidential. On our site, you will find the fragrance oil ingredients – right down to the last 0.01% of the formula – listed in alphabetical order. By doing this, we provide you with a comprehensive list of ingredients while protecting our partners' creative property

Feel good, look good, do good

As individuals, we all have different preferences and tastes – they're what make us unique. So we design our formulations to be as multi-faceted as you are. They're equally beautiful, responsible and safe.

With so much information to consider, we know that keeping up with the latest in ethical, sustainable living can sometimes feel overwhelming. It often involves diligently researching products before you buy them. At La Perla Beauty, that level of care is at the heart of our established process, so you don't have to make any effort at all. But if you want to delve further into our research, you can.

We want you to help you feel good, look good and do good. For us, that's the true meaning of clean beauty.

Our Clean Beauty Commitments