How do you see the world around you? We think of our planet as a precious pearl – a treasured gift to be admired and preserved. Like you, we don't want to take this gift for granted.

Our sustainability ethos is a unique fusion of tradition and innovation. When Ada Masotti founded La Perla in 1954, she quickly redefined how lingerie was worn and experienced. Her progressive, feminine spirit has been realised in exquisitely crafted designs that can be charted through decades of our heritage. Now, we at La Perla Beauty are committed to expanding Ada's vision into the realm of beauty, while at the same time looking to reduce the environmental impact of all aspects of our production.

We truly believe in empowering you to live more sustainably – it's part of our brand DNA. Let's come together to support and admire the many diverse expressions of beauty across the world, including the recognition that the planet itself is a beauty worth preserving for generations to come.

Beautiful sustainability, from the inside out

Our considerations for quality and sustainability reach beyond our product formulas. We strive to develop packaging that is thoughtfully created to align with your values and aesthetic tastes, without sacrificing your concerns for sustainability. With artisanal attention to detail and careful consideration for the world around us, we aim to develop beauty products that are as sustainable as they are desirable.

Where possible, our lovingly-crafted containers are designed to be kept for life. As they look like miniature works of art, we believe that they're so beautiful that you’ll want to keep them forever! To help us all reduce our reliance on single-use packaging and plastic, we've created refills for products in our fragrance, body care and lipstick ranges. And where this isn't possible, our packaging is made so that you can recycle it easily.

We aim for all our packaging to be at least partially manufactured from recycled materials. Where we can't avoid plastic, we try to ensure that you can easily recycle it or that it's made from non-fossil or reused materials. Our cardboard and paper are either made from recycled materials or sourced from sustainably managed forests. Our glass is not just recyclable – it's made using advanced techniques that include recycled glass. This is just one example of how our commitment to innovation can help us all to care for the environment as we care for ourselves.

Luxury without compromise

We believe that you should be able to feel and look your best without having to choose between self-care and caring for the environment. That's why we bring luxury and sustainability together to create our products – so you don't have to make any sacrifices.

No one is perfect, and we don't claim to be. Just like you, we're doing the very best we can.

As we continue learning and improving our processes, we promise to keep you up-to-date with our progress as we strive to set ever-higher standards.

We'd love for you to join us on our journey as we take the La Perla heritage to the next level, with our continuing respect for our beautiful planet.

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